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ELECTRONICS HOBBYIST Circuit and Schematic Archive Sites

Learn How To Solder: Repairing Electronics & Appliances


Web-EE archive, GIF & PDF

delabs PDF/PNG archive

Electronics-lab (Greece)

Circuit Exchange Intl

Bob Blick's projects

TerryPin's GIF schematics

Free circuits

U. Wash. EE circuits archive

U. Alberta Cookbook Archive (via FTP)

Headphones projects anti-noise, electrostatic...

U. Guelph Circuit Land

T. Engdahls Circuits Collection

Sam Goldwasser's Schematics

pdf Hobby Circuits from Imagineering Online

Techlib Archive

Electronics Zone

Crystal circuits & tutorials (Wenzel Assc.)

Arron C's circuits

RSWs circuit archive (FTP site)

4QD's Schematics & Lectures

eklektix Circuits

Wenzel Hobby Page

Wenzel Inc.'s PDF circuit library

Hardware Book connector pinout ref, circuits

DMOZ list of circuit archives

Discover Circuits

Schematic Links (commlinx)

Arik's list

Educypedia circuits

Electronics Design Software (free or sharew) CAD Indexes, Archives:

SysInternals Windows admin utilites (free)

Web EE

Rfcascade, freeware by Greg

Terry P. Schem/PCB sw links

freecad.com CAD/CAE freeware archive

Tech Systems spice/PCB/schem

Switchercad, filtercad from Lin. Technology Inc.

electronics-tutorials.com CAD downloads

Scilab math/sci, FFT etc.

Other free EM code, and more

Finite Element Resources

Orcad PSPICE 9.1 Student vers

5-spice shareware

Merlin PCB

Eagle Lite (PCB)

Digital Works simulator (shareware)

Designworks Lite (schematics)

Protel free trial

Cadint PCB (login,passwd)

pad2pad, free if you buy PCBs

NuHertz filter design

Free Student Version of the Quickfield magnetic/electrostatic/thermal simulator

XMDS math simulator

FEMM finite element magnetics

Sonnet Lite for PCB rf reflections

ACD/Chemsketch molecular modeling (free to schools)

3D e-fields

CFD fluid dynamics


Atmel AVR programming sw

FPGA devel, webpak ISE (Xilinx)


VHDL cookbook (pdf, via FTP)

Electricity & Electronics Education

Bill B's Electricity Articles

NCSU electronics tutorials

101 Science: Electronics

All About Circuits online textbook series

LED Museum

Satcure Hobbyist Turorials

Column: electronics thermal Q & A

Electronics for Beginners , and Intermediate

Choosing Capacitors

I-FX Electronics (good beginner's site)


Piezo tutorials

Electricity physics

Alexs Tutorials links

Engdahl's Electronics Basics

Mark Sokos' Electronics Tutorials

RSWs ftp site: Electronics Tutorials

Iquanalabs Tutorials: Beginner/Intermed/Adv

Electronics Workshop Encyclopedia, Tutorials

Basic Electronics tutorial (download)

Electronics for Beginners

ELECTRONICS 2000, see "Basic Electronics I/II/III"

Electricity/electronics training software

Doctron example circuits

Electricty/Electronics Teaching Resources

Electronics Tutorials from Iguana Labs

embeddedsystems tutorials


Op-amps for audio

NCSU ECE480 class: op-amps

Basic Electr. III

Mark S. Tutorials: op amp

Intermed. Electr.


3CRM Kits for electronics and science fair

Geiger Counter Kit (w/alpha window!) or just the GM Tube alone.


Electronic Goldmine

Hobbytron science kits, electronics, rob, RC

Fascinating Elect. Inc.

Ramsey Electronics

DIY Electronics, 110 Kits

Solarbotics kits & plans

Electronix Express components, kits, online parts catalog

Kitz (Aus.)

LNS Kits (weird stuff!)

Lucid Technologies (68705 uP kits)