Tole Sutikno
Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Eng., Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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Urgent Links

Dirjen Dikti Depdiknas dan Ristek

Daftar literatur dan jurnal ilmiah GRATIS

1. Directory of Open Access Journal

2. Citeseer (ribuan paper jurnal bidang computer science)

3. Google Scholar (citation index, abstak dam fulltext)

4. Mirror Scientific Data di LIPI (mirror di LIPI untuk jurnal ilmiah internasional)

5. PubMed Central (free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences)

6. DBLP Bibliography

7. Libra Academic Search

8. JSTOR Scholarly Journal Archieve

9. Biomed Central (the Open Access Publisher)

10. Highwire Press Stanford University

11. UC Berkeley on iTunes U (Materi kuliah gratis dari UC Berkeley)

12. MIT Opencourseware (Materi kuliah gratis dari MIT)

13. Patent Searching (Pencarian Dokumen Paten)

14. Ilmukomputer.Com (mulai banyak paper ilmiah yang diupload)

15. Proquest UMI Thesis dan Dissertation Free

16. TKK

Daftar literatur dan jurnal ilmiah BERBAYAR

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (student member $61/tahun)

ACM Digital Library (student member $42/tahun)

Elsevier.Com (banyak universitas di Indonesia yg melanggan)

EBSCO (banyak universitas di Indonesia yg melanggan)

Science Direct (banyak universitas di Indonesia yg melanggan)

Proquest (banyak universitas di Indonesia yg melanggan)

Daftar literatur penting:

Study Guides and Strategis:

General Study:

Electrical and Electronic Component:


  • John Kent's FPGA Homepage
    This is the site that got me interested in FPGA design. John has written up this CPU projects and has several links to VHDL tutorials.
  • FPGA Guide
    This section shows a list of the seven major PLD-vendors and their CPLD and FPGA-families. It covers over 90% of todays available CPLDs/FPGAs of the last 20 years. The PLD-families are chronologically listed by the year of market introduction.

Neural Network:

Motor Control:

English Learning:

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