Tole Sutikno
Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Eng., Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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PhD Research


Improved Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives Based on Field Programmable Gate Array

The objective:

The objective of the study is to improve the performance of a direct torque control (DTC) scheme for a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive system. Smaller torque and flux ripples as well as faster torque response are expected to be the major outcomes of this research. At the same time the simple control structure of a DTC drive will be retained.

Scope of Work and Methodology:

The scope of the work is to propose a novel DTC scheme for PMSM drive that will reduce the torque and flux ripples, increase the torque response and at the same time maintain the basic DTC structure. The scope also includes the implementation of the scheme using an FPGA device. The proposed scheme will be simulated using MATLAB/Simulink simulation package. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme will be studied through simulation before it is physically implemented. The Quartus software will be used to realize the proposed scheme of PMSM drive based on Altera FPGA. Each part of the scheme will be developed, implemented and tested partially and independently before it is finally integrated. The integration process of all parts may require modification to facilitate the optimization of this system. Finally, the system will be tested and improved iteratively until the expected performance is achieved.

Expected Result/s:

The expected result is to develop a novel FPGA-based direct torque control scheme of PMSM drive system with low torque and flux ripples. The drive system is also expected to produce a faster torque response but at the same time simple DTC structure is retained.

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